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Nannies are either qualified, or extremely experienced in Childcare. Qualifications generally recognised by families in the UK are:

• NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board)
• BTEC (National Diploma in Nursery Nursing)
• NVQ Level 111 in Childcare
• DNN (Cache Diploma in Nursery Nursing)
• DCE (Cache Diploma in Childcare & Education

A nanny must be capable of taking sole charge of babies and small children. She is responsible for the children in her care and their welfare, the nursery, keeping it clean, washing/ironing the clothes and cooking. A nanny should not be asked to do general housework apart from her own areas (if living-in) and the children's areas of the home.

After an agreed trial period, a nanny will be given a Contract of Employment that states wages, hours, holiday pay, etc. The wages of a nanny vary, i.e. if they live in/out, full/ part-time, qualifications and experience.

It is difficult for the Agency to recommend a wage, as it varies with the area where the nanny lives. However £250 to £400 per week for a full time nanny is a suggested figure. Most nanny wages are Net. We can recommend Accountants to handle the Tax/N.I for a nanny.
The Agency will be pleased to offer any advise on the placement of a nanny.

If you are interested in having a Mother's Help/Nanny or applying for either posts,
please contact us now.


Mothers Help

They work 40-50 hours per week, plus babysitting
2 evenings per week.
£150.00 (Minimum - £180.00 per week ).NET They have 1 ½ -2 days free per week.


They are expected to be at home looking after children normally whilst the mother is at work, or helping the mother in a busy household. They are asked to keep a home clean, maybe do some cooking and shopping. Be responsible for laundry and ironing, etc. They generally work between 8-10 hours per day. Our Mother’s Helps are aged 20+ and must have previous childcare experience. Depending on their experience, they may be able to have sole charge of toddlers and school-aged children. As they are generally not formally qualified in childcare, this is at the discretion of the parents. The wage of a Mother’s Help varies a great deal on age, experience, ability to drive, etc. but we recommend a starting figure of £150.00 per week after tax. We do not expect our Families to pay for their Au Pairs/Mother’s Helps flights to this country.

Au Pair/Mother’s Help should be registered with the Host Family Doctor when they arrive. If the Host Family have a problem with this, they can telephone the Agency for advise.

If an Au Pair/Mother’s Helpare required to look after the children for longer periods during the school holidays, the families should pay extra pocket money. Please telephone the Agency for guidance.

If an Au Pair/Mother’s Help asked to accompany a Host Family on their holiday, the normal pocket money should be paid each week.

The Agency arranges outings and get-togethers, these may be addressed to you, we would request that you pass these immediately to your Au Pair/Mother’s Help.

We give support to both you and your Au Pair/Mother’s Help throughout their stay.

All the above are guidelines. A successful relationship between an Au Pair/Mother’s Help and the Host Family depends on a willingness on both parts to understand the needs of each other.

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