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The Home Office Guidelines set by the UK Government states that an au pair works 25 hours per week for 5 days per week. An au pair must have 2 days free per week.

They do not get a wage, they have pocket money, and the minimum pocket money recommended is:

  • Au Pair up to25 hours - £80
  • Au Pair up to 30 hours - £90
  • Au Pair (or Au Pair Plus) up to 35 hours - £100

The 5 hours a day may be worked just in the morning, or just in the afternoon, or can be split over the day. This depends on the needs of each individual family, and also the hours the au pair needs to go to language school to study the English language.

Most language schools offer lessons to au pairs 2 or 3 times per week. Normally it's for 2 or 3 hour periods. However different schools offer different times, depending on the location of the school.

An au pair will be expected to help with basic housework such as ironing and cleaning as well as helping out with the children, getting them dressed, playing with them, help at bathtimes, mealtimes, etc.

Some families may need some extra hours and offer extra pay and this can be arranged by A-One Au Pairs. An Au Pair Plus will do similar work to an au pair and be treated the same, however they may be asked to do 35 hours per week  (7 hours per day) and offered more pocket money, i.e. £90 per week(minimum.

There are Home Office regulations laid down by the UK Government that states anybody from outside the EU cannot be Au Pair Plus and A-One Au Pairs follows these regulations.

"It is the policy of our agency to send details of suitable au pairs to families the day they contact us, thus assuring them of a speedy service"

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